— Kindred Spirit —

I was drowning, slipping down, down, down. I clung to the daily routine just to stay afloat. Lost in confusion, I had so many doubts. The light had long since faded from my eyes. I cried out in the darkness, begged for forgiveness and for a source of light to rekindle the flame I once had. It was not long before my persistent prayers were answered. I found you, my kindred spirit. Our first meeting was the spark. Every moment had, every conversation held, every laugh that left my lips because of you breathed life into me again. It didn’t take too much time for me to realize that you are my other half, my love, my kindred spirit.

Let Go

     Oh foolish heart, how you have been deceived. You know now that his love was never pure, never genuine. Real love is selfless; It does not push someone to the brink.

Oh reckless heart, why did you let yourself fall into that trap? You let him poison your mind with the fatal ways of this world.

Oh hopeless heart, find rest. The light will shine through your darkness. The darkness will not overcome you. 

But don’t dear heart grow bitter. Have the courage to forgive. Let go. image

Happy Birthday, Love

Hey babe I hope you had a good day. I want so badly to be able to do more than just wish you happiness. I wish I could give you a great big hug and celebrate with the people who love you most and snuggle in close while watching a movie at the end to a perfect day. It wouldn’t be classified as perfect because of anything we said or did but because it bears the historical significance as the day you began life and therefore, also the day I first breathed the same air as you, my love. But sadly we are strangers once again, almost as quickly as when we became friends. Just know that when I wish you a happy birthday, it comes with it the unspoken words, “I will always love you.”


if you are flirting with me please put [I AM FLIRTING WITH YOU] at the end of every sentence because i am dumb and i don’t understand when people are nice and when people are flirting thank u this has been a psa

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The awkward moment when somebody tells you they like you and you’re like:


I like him.
He likes her.

A day in the life of me.

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(via pieceofk8)